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~ Terms and conditions ~



Terms and Conditions: These Terms and Conditions are set out between ‘SMATI MOVING & STORAGE’ and you (the customer) and explain your rights, responsibilities and obligations and those of the contractor. The customer must assure and be responsible for security at time of move. The company must be compensated at regular rate per hour even at which delays may occur at time of loading/unloading. Company will not be responsible for such expenses which may have involved or been caused through delay in arrival or delivery of items through unreasonable reasons. In such cases if any article/items are too large for elevators, stairways, etc. and require hoisting (the lifting of articles by means of ropes or pulleys) or lowering; there will be additional charges. Although there is a fixed price the company by all means has full right to additional charges.* Oversized Furniture and items that have to be maneuvered through small or tight passageways will be at owners own risk. Our company will not be responsible for anything.


The Company shall be responsible for self-assuring the customer for any loss or damage of .55cents per pound if customer declared the value of goods beforehand. The maximum limit of insurance may be the total amount charged for the moving. The customer may purchase insurance if considers appropriate.


If customer chooses at his own will to purchase extra insurance, any claims made thereon must be made during time of delivery, and if not made then, the customer will be left with no help thereafter. The customer must indemnify the contractor against all claims in respect of such goods. This includes jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins, or golds or collections of a similar kind. Prohibited or stolen goods, drugs, aerosol, paints, firearms, ammunition, propane, animals, real plants, aquariums.

Billing Increment: Billing increment shall be hourly; part hours shall be charges ad full hour.

Lien Acknowledgement by Client:

The Company has a lien on any and all the goods and chattels in his custody until the time which all charges are paid to the company. These charges include traveling time, waiting time, unloading time, and reloading time. If customer disapproves to compensate full charges; company has full rights to not unloading the truck.

Customer’s rights and obligations:The customer warrants that the goods removed or under the contract are owned by the customer, or that the customer has full right and authority over their goods and to allow such removal and storage. The customer should take responsibility in making sure nothing shall be left behind. The customer will not give to the contractor such items for packing, removal or storage: items or substances which are or likely to be of a dangerous, corrosive, inflammable, explosive or damaging nature. Nothing which is likely to encourage any pests. The customer will have the responsibility of any parking spaces, and tickets during the move. The customer should get the company available dock facilities before the move such as; and elevator for service.

Liability Exemption:

The Company will be limited in its liability of the move. The company is specifically not liable for any unplanned happening such as; already chipped or cracked glass items, Contents of any containers packed by customer, any articles or equipment not properly prepared by the customer before move, any furniture’s moved full with contents therein. Any damage done by any liquid or powder owned by customer, the company shall not be liable for any delays on mechanical breakdowns, sharp tools and objects, elevators, dim lights, slippery and obstructive facilities and walkways, the spilling of liquids. Therefore the company shall not be liable in the event of any items missing through mysterious or unknowingly disappearances.


Payment Terms: The customer is to pay all fees; payment methods can be paid by cash, Visa, Mater Card, Certified Cheque, or Money Order before the truck leaves for the destination. If payment for the aforesaid service be made by credit card, the customer agrees to allow the company to make any charges for all occurrences giving rise to this contract which has been fully looked over and executed by the customer. The customers fully agrees to indemnify and keep the company free from any and all charges associated with liens, assessments, regulatory or by-law infractions and any penalties that may occur to the company performing the service on behalf the customer.

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